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The Recruits J.M. Cranford

The Recruits J.M. Cranford




The Recruits

by J.M. Cranford

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After miraculously surviving seven grueling months as a prisoner of war, Sergeant First Class Hamilton Riley maintains his spiritual cover in the US Army as a recruiter to embark on his next kingdom mission--saving four lost souls in Central Illinois. As he continues to surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit, he encounters Hoyt, Salinas, Bradford, and West and ushers them into the journey of their own spiritual transformations. The four new believers enlist in God's army and begin their own basic training, preparing for their mission in the real battlefield of life.

The God story of each of these new recruits unfolds over the course of their spiritual training camp that mysteriously mimics that of the modern-day military. Their eyes gradually begin to open to the spiritual warfare that exists in and around each of them as they participate in exercises that utilize their gifts, the spiritual disciplines, and their relational bonds.

Hoyt, Salinas, Bradford, and West have answered the call; and now, as soldiers, they must prepare to don the armor.




















The Recruits J.M. Cranford

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The Recruits

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